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The role of postgraduate students in co-authoring open educational resources to promote social inclusion: a case study at the University of Cape Town
Journal Article
Distance Education
Volume 33, Issue 2, Pages 253 - 269
Published August 2012

Like many universities worldwide, the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa has joined the open educational resources (OER) movement, making a selection of teaching and learning materials available through its OER directory, UCT OpenContent. However, persuading and then supporting busy academics to share their teaching materials as OER still remains a challenge. In this article, we report on an empirical study of how UCT postgraduate students have assisted in the process of reworking the academics’ teaching materials as OER. Using the concept of contradictions (Engeström, 2001), we endeavor to surface the various disturbances or conflicts with which the postgraduate students had to engage to make OER socially inclusive, as well as Engeström’s “layers of causality” (2011, p. 609) to explain postgraduate students’ growing sense of agency as they experienced the OER development process as being socially inclusive.

Country: South Africa
Region: Africa
ISSN: 1475-0198
Other information: Distance Education

Rights: This article is NOT openly licensed.

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